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hair removal + tinting

We use natural soft and hard wax. Hair removal slows hair growth, shrinks pore size, rids the area of ingrown hairs while preventing new ones and keeps your empty hair follicle clean and protected. We also apply professional post-epilation treatment at the end of the service.

Image by Martin Woortman

Brow Waxing/Tweezing 17

Lip 17

Chin 17

Sideburns 30

Full Face (not including brow) 89

1/2 Arm 40

Full Arm 60

Underarms 30

Lower Leg 55

Upper Leg 75

Full Leg 90

Bikini 50

French Bikini 60

Brazilian 90

Back 75

Chest 65

Stomach 45

Lash Tint 30

Brow Tint 40

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