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Spa Party Request Form

Please complete the form below to help us serve you.

Spa Parties are perfect for girl’s day or night out, birthday celebrations, engagement parties or baby showers.

Fill out the form below so our party coordinator can help you start planning today!

Our Spa Coordinator will email you within 48 to 72 hours.

Request for a Spa Party

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

TARDINESS/NO SHOWS: In order to effectively accommodate your group, your  promptness is required and appreciated. We cannot guarantee appointments for  party members arriving more than 10 minutes past their scheduled appointment  times. This is considered a no show/late cancellation. If time allows, the client will  have the option of accepting an abbreviated version of the scheduled service at no  discount. Guests will be charged the full amount of the service for all services  booked.

It is important to note that to make sure everything goes smoothly, everyone arrives on  time and is ready for his or her scheduled services. It is not possible to switch  appointment times or services around on the day of the party to accommodate late  guests.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations for parties require a minimum of 72 hours prior to the  date of services being received. If cancellation is given in proper time frame and 

guests have paid in full, the total amount paid will be refunded. If cancelled within 72 hours, 50% of total amount paid will be refunded, and if cancelled or no- show day of anticipated services, 100% of cost of services will be charged. 

GRATUITIES: A 25% gratuity will automatically be added to all services at the time of  final payment. 

FOOD AND DRINK: Groups are welcome to bring in cold food/beverages for their party. Alcohol is limited to one bottle of champagne. Perception is able to supply dishes, glasses, and silverware. We also have refrigeration for your convenience and our team will take care of the cleanup. 

Call (804) 855-1989 or email 

to book your spa getaway today!

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